British-Ukrainian Aid is a project born out of the passion and dedication of its founders to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of people who have fallen victim of the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine.

We are a group of UK based volunteers from diverse professions supporting the needs of people affected by the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis who are trying to rebuild their lives in the face of the ongoing terror that is not of their making.

We would like to play a part in rallying Ukrainians living in Britain and a wider British public to build a local support network for the casualties of war and humanitarian crisis. More specifically, we would like to address their need for the on-going medical treatment and care.

Our fundamental principles are transparency and ethical integrity

The level of support required for tackling current challenges is intense and multi-faceted, and the Ukrainian government has a duty of care to individuals affected by the recent tragic events. However, the range and complexity of tasks the Ukrainian government have to undertake presently mean that help so urgently needed by the victims cannot always be provided effectively. Therefore, our project aims to unite non-governmental efforts and bring together organisations and contributors in Britain, Ukraine and elsewhere, who are better equipped and resourced to address the needs of those who suffer urgently.

Our fundamental principles are transparency and ethical integrity: from the moment we receive donations to the point of delivering help to those in need, our actions are transparent.

British-Ukrainian Aid is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. We receive no government funding or funding from any political party. This means we can operate in a way that serves those in need the best and, when necessary, stand up to defend our priorities.

Our mission statement

Our primary goal is to provide direct help to people affected by war and humanitarian crisis.

British-Ukrainian Aid would like to enable the injured and wounded, orphaned children, internally displaced people, the elderly and families who have lost their breadwinners to re-gain stability in their lives and to provide them with rehabilitation treatment for their physical and mental health conditions in the leading hospitals in Ukraine. Our ambition is to adapt quickly to meet their changing needs and demands as well as to meet the challenges of a post conflict era.

While we are hoping that the rate of new casualties of war and humanitarian crisis will diminish, the demands on our organisation to provide a widening range of support will continue to grow.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our support to those affected by the armed conflict and their families must endure long after the guns have fallen silent.