Optimising services provided in hospitals

Situation in the East of Ukraine is a serious challenge to the country, in general, and to the national health care, in particular.

An on-going conflict in Ukraine has lead to an increase in numbers of wounded, who need treatment at the national medical institutions. The level of support required for this is intense and multi-faceted; for example, the doctors come across both the familiar injuries and the health problems that would be very rare in peaceful times. In addition, patients who are admitted to hospitals from battlefields and internally misplaced persons seek not only clinical, but also psychological help.

While part of the country is still at war, the provision of medical equipment and medicines to war victims at the Ukrainian clinics and hospitals is often not satisfactory. Ukraine simply doesn’t have enough resources to cope with the growing demand. Therefore, BUAid seeks co-operation with the UK medical institutions, that are better equipped and resourced to address the needs of wounded and injured. We explore all venues of collaboration, including assistance with medicines and medical equipment as well as establishing links with British specialists on psychological rehabilitation, who would be prepared to travel to Ukraine and provide consultations and specialised training to Ukrainian doctors.

Supplying operation ceiling mounted lamp to Irpen Military Hospital.

BUAid was approached for assistance by Irpin Military Hospital regarding acquiring an operation ceiling mounted lamp necessary for treating the wounded. The lamp was bought thanks to the joint efforts of BUAid and Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK (UMAUK) and successfully delivered to Irpin Military Hospital.

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