Individual Stories: Sergiy Tovstyk

Before the war Sergiy Tovstyk worked as an IT specialist. Today Sergiy has no arms; he recently lost both his arms: one in a battle, and the other one by amputation. A number of highly qualified and experienced medical experts admitted that they had never dealt with such complicated and severe injuries as those of Sergiy.

As the result of the on-going armed conflict, there is a growing number of patients who, like Sergiy, lost their limbs. The current influx of amputees in Ukraine has highlighted the need for the modernisation of the Ukrainian prosthetics industry. The Ukrainian government has vouched to fund prosthetics for veterans. However, most prosthetics provided by the state enable the patients to perform only two simple hand movements: open and close. BUAid is one of the organisations that are at the forefront of introducing the latest technology of prosthetics to Ukraine. We believe that sourcing bionic technology abroad and incorporating it into the Ukrainian made prosthesis will encourage the development of local industry. We envisage that quality bionic prosthesis will eventually become a reality for patients in Ukraine.

Quality prosthetics will give people like Sergiy the ability to be independent, to work again, to perform all the basic tasks we might take for granted such as getting dressed or unlock the door. Quality prosthetics will enable people like Sergiy to live their life with dignity and to support themselves.

BUAid has been working with the Steeper Group in Leeds, UK to secure a bionic training hand “Bebionic3”, which had been requested by the Ortotech centre in Kyiv. The hand is designed to help amputees build up muscular strength in the limb and learn to control the electric impulse needed to manipulate the prosthetic. The hand successfully enabled Sergiy to prepare for the challenges of wearing a prosthetic limb. The use of the training hand also helped the doctors to determine their patient’s needs and ability to control his prosthesis.

The funds for the training hand were raised by BUAid hosting a charitable concert in London as well as with the help of individual donations. On the 6th of August 2015 BUAid’s representative took part in a press conference in Kyiv “New Technologies of Prosthetics in Ukraine: a presentation of bionic prosthetic technology “bebionic3” of the upper limb amputations for Anti-Terrorist Operation veterans” organised by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

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