Helping IDPs in Artemivsk

Helping IDPs in Artemivsk

According to the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, as of end of December 2015, there are over 1.6 mln Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) registered in Ukraine. According to “Hope and Homes for Children” NGO, there are 194,000 children among the IDPs.

BUAid received a request for help from Artemivsk, Donetsk region in the East of Ukraine. Currently there are up to 15,000 IDPs living in Artemivsk, and 3,340 of them are children. They had to leave their homes in the conflict zone, but could not afford to go further away than 30 kilometres from the frontline. BUAid is presently liaising with one of the families, who fled their home town Horlivka. Their four year-old daughter Tanya has a highly debilitating but undiagnosed condition. She is mentally handicapped and cannot walk too.

We are hoping to accelerate test procedures necessary for obtaining a diagnosis and to buy walkers which will help to improve the quality of the girls’ life. BUAid is working on this project with “Nadiyny Tyl” partner organisation in Ukraine.

In December 2015, BUAid sent 58 kg of warm clothes to IDPs’ children in Artemivsk.

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