The Bevz Family

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Iryna Bevz and her children – daughters Sofia (age 7) and Maria (age 2), and son Rostyslav (age 4) – have lost their husband and father Roman Bevz, a Ukrainian Army officer, who was killed by a Grad missile explosion in Donetsk region, whilst saving two of his soldiers. He was only 33.

They used to live in a small village in Cherkassy Region (central Ukraine), but after Roman passed away, they moved to a different village, which is quite remote: it is 250 km from Cherkassy and the same distance from Kyiv. They are feeling quite isolated as they do not have any friends or family nearby.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Iryna had a stroke, and the bulk of the family savings were spent on her medical treatment and rehabilitation.  The children are traumatised and shocked by their father’s death, and do not want to leave their mother’s side, because they are constantly worried that she will die too.

When the family were visited by a volunteer from London Euromaidan who brought them some presents from Ukrainian diaspora in London, Roman’s little boy approached the volunteer and tried to give away his presents.  He said:  “Please tell my daddy that I miss him a lot.  Please give him these sweeties.”

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