The Buliya Family


Eighteen year-old Viktoria Buliya suffers from three medical conditions which have left her with severe disabilities:  hydrocephalus – an excess build-up of fluid on the brain which can be fatal if left untreated, meningitis and epilepsy. These conditions have left Viktoria confined to a wheelchair and unable to talk. She endures multiple seizures daily and has difficulty sleeping; she is often spending days without sleep. Viktoria is aware of what is going on around her and loves to kiss and cuddle, eat sweets and listen to music.

Viktoria lives with her mother Julia, father Amin and sister Sofiya. All four live in one small room together. The family have been displaced twice as the result of the conflict. Originally they lived in the beautiful town of Zugdidi in eastern Georgia until the war in Georgia forced them to flee to Lugansk in Ukraine where they stayed with Julia’s grandmother. More recently the conflict in Eastern Ukraine forced them to relocate to Odessa.

In order to manage the condition and seizures Viktoria requires doctor’s supervision which the family is unable to afford. Currently any financial benefits she receives go towards buying adult nappies as she needs at least three every day. The family desperately needs help with the following:

  • Adult nappies
  • A new wheelchair as Viktoria has outgrown the current one

More than anything the family wishes to return to their homeland in Georgia where they would be able to live with Amin’s mother. In order to make this trip they would require 15,000 hryvnyas (= approx. £420).

Latest Update – July 2016:
The children have recently suffered from a virus that resulted in an uncontrollable cough. Antibiotics don’t seem to help. Victoria’s condition is particularly worrying as she can’t breathe properly and, therefore, has sleepless nights.