Ambulances and Evacuation Vehicles (non-ULEZ)

Ambulances and evacuation vehicles play an important role in the evacuation of wounded. It is not uncommon for evacuation points to be a kilometre or more from the frontline. A vehicle gives the paramedics a greater chance of rescuing the injured and evacuating them to a place where they can receive medical aid.
425 ambulance and evacuation vehicles (non-ULEZ) have been delivered since the beginning of war.
With your support we can purchase more ambulances and evacuation vehicles!

Transportation of ULEZ scrappage scheme vehicles

Transport for London confirmed  British-Ukrainian Aid as a trusted intermediary to roll out the expansion to the scrappage scheme. 
Vehicles are vital for saving lives during the war.
In Ukraine, hundreds of them are destroyed daily, and there is an urgent need for more. 
On average, it costs £800 to deliver a vehicle to Ukraine. 
With you kind support, we can help save more lives!

Medical Equipment and Aid

Since 2022, the Charity procures and delivered life-essential equipment to clinics and hospitals across Ukraine, such as:

  • Ultrasound machines
  • C-Arm machines
  • Anaesthetic machines
  • Welded electro-coagulator complexes for electrosurgery
  • Valleylab Force FX-C Diathermy units
  • Consumables for negative pressure wound therapy
  • Sked basic rescue systems and ready-heat blankets and others.

Overall close to £1million worth of equipment has been delivered to hospitals in Ukraine.
With your support we can deliver more!

First Medical Aid

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the number of cases of critical trauma has risen catastrophically, and neither civil nor military authorities were prepared to deal with them on this scale.
It quickly became apparent—based on the requests from medical professionals in Ukraine and emergency services representatives—that medical Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) aimed at dealing with critical bleeding, potential limb loss or life-threatening wounds, were in very short supply on the ground.
Since the beginning of the war, the Charity has delivered over 32,000 IFAKs to Ukraine.
With your kind support we can save more lives!

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