These are images of what the hostel located in the village of Radisne, 45 miles north of Odesa, will look like in 2017. Radisne has a population of 2,000. It has a school, sport complex, kindergarten and hospital. Public transport runs between Radisne and Odesa six times a day.


This hostel will become a home for up to 200 internally displaced persons from Donbas, including people with disabilities, single mothers and impoverished large families.





The fighting in Donbas in the east of Ukraine followed Russia’s invasion of Crimea and has not stopped since April 2014. This is the largest military conflict in Europe in the 21st century and it has already taken more than 10,000 lives. Over 20,000 people have been injured and maimed. Almost two and a half million (2,5 mln) have been forced to flee the area as the result of a brutal, bloody war which has been orchestrated and fuelled by Kremlin.



To save their lives and the lives of their loved ones, these people left everything behind: their houses, their property and their employment. Today they are faced with a new challenge – they need to find permanent accommodation.


With a place to live, they will no longer be afraid of being homeless. Instead, they can find a job, their children can go to kindergarten and to school. These people can rebuild their lives and gradually return to normality.


British-Ukrainian Aid teamed up with the European Association of Disability Rights to help these families obtain new housing. The European Association of Disability Rights rented out three floors of the hostel in the Radisne village from the local administration.


New hostel residents will pay only for utilities, and in the future, they will even be able to privatise the rooms. There are plans to open a garment factory and a production facility for upholstered furniture. This will open up employment opportunities for internally displaced persons.


The hostel, which was built during the Soviet era, needs a major overhaul in order to make it suitable to live in again. It will take £51,959.35 to repair the roof, install doors, replace windows, repair the sewer, water supply system and electrical wiring, install heating and new plumbing, refurbish 51 residential rooms, 3 corridors, 3 kitchens, 6 toilets, 3 washrooms and 3 shower rooms. Detailed Repair and Refurbishment Schedule can be found here.


Each of us can help to build a new home and a new life for these long-suffering people.


Support our work! Help us to change their fate of those in need.


Together, through our joint efforts and contributions, we can build a better future for Ukraine.

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