In August 2016 we started a fundraising campaign to renovate a hostel in Radisne village, 45 miles north of Odesa, three floors of which are to become a home for up to 200 internally displaced persons from Donbas, including people with disabilities, single mothers and impoverished large families. To save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, these people left everything behind, their houses, their property and their employment.

A year into the project, thanks to your generosity, the following work has been already accomplished:

  • building roof repaired
  • on the 3rd floor of the building:
    • water supply system repaired
    • sewage system repaired
    • floor fully rewired and individual electricity meters installed in each of the rooms
    • two new electricity shields installed
    • old toilet cubicles dismantled
    • old tiles removed in toilets, kitchens, washrooms and storage rooms
    • new sanitary appliances (toilets, washbasins, sinks) purchased and ready to be installed
    • 200 sq. meters of the 3rd floor corridor walls – 75% repaired
    • corridor floor dismantled and ready to be tiled
    • old room doors removed and new ones purchased and ready to be installed
    • armoured entry door to the 3rd floor purchased and installed

(the rooms themselves will be renovated by the inhabitants themselves)

By the end of the year, 60 people (out of 200), including more than 30 children and children with disabilities, will be able to call Radisne hostel their home. To make this happen we need your help. We need to raise another £4500 to replace the windows on the 3rd floor and to make the floor warm enough for living.

Each of us can help to build a new home and a new life for these long-suffering people.

Support our work! Help us to change their fate of those in need.

Together, through our joint efforts and contributions, we can build a better future for Ukraine.