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Join us for a book presentation, followed by a discussion. Event participants will have a rare opportunity to hear the author read extracts from her book which will resonate with anyone battling with grief and the shock of the sudden loss of a loved one. ABOUT THIS EVENT “A Loss: The Story of a Dead […]



You are invited to an online book presentation and discussion about political and social expressions in contemporary art of Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia since the collapse of the USSR. ABOUT THIS EVENT “Contemporary Ukrainian and Baltic Art. Political and Social Perspectives, 1991-2021“, edited by Svitlana Biedarieva, explores the transformations that art in Ukraine and […]


Zero Point Ukraine Part 3:
A window to escape the Soviet Yoke

Book highlight from “Zero Point Ukraine” by Olena Stiazhkina Part 1 of “Zero Point Ukraine” highlight from the chapter entitled  “Unexpected outcome” considered the myth of the “Great Patriotic War” as the starting point for the new Russian empire. Part 2 focused on Ukrainian resistance as the continuation of the national liberation struggle. Part 3 […]