How we work

  • We identify people seeking medical help or humanitarian aid by contacting hospitals and local communities in Ukraine directly and confirming their identity with local Ukrainian volunteers.
  • We establish the needs of individuals and organisations (e.g., hospitals, rehabilitation and community centres) for medicines, specialist medical equipment (e.g., prosthetics, wheel-chairs or home training fitness equipment), medical services (e.g., medical and rehabilitation treatment; transportation to and from hospitals and community centres) and humanitarian aid (e.g., clothing, bedding, fuel, heating appliances etc.), and obtain independent assessments of their requests from third party professionals specialising in their case.
  • We determine the most suitable venues for the provision of rehabilitation treatment and humanitarian aid in each individual case, taking into account their complexity, urgency, accessibility and risks involved.
  • We negotiate agreements with British companies and manufacturers of medical equipment who would be interested in supporting British-Ukrainian Aid.
  • We liaise with medical institutions in the UK and establish links with British specialists who would be prepared to travel to Ukraine and provide specialised training to Ukrainian doctors and rehabilitation specialists.
  • We raise funds with the help of fundraising events and online donations in order 
to enable casualties of the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis to undergo rehabilitation treatment in the leading hospitals in Ukraine or receive much needed humanitarian aid.