We provide assistance to orphanages, schools or directly to victims of war in war-torn areas of Ukraine. Thousands of them have lost their fathers during the current turmoil; their families have been misplaced, their schools and kindergartens destroyed.

We run Sponsor a Ukrainian child programme and put supporters in touch with individual families. Our supporters can sponsor a child and become Guardian angels for children in need.


We send humanitarian and medical aid to the elderly in the war zone and address their individual needs for effective treatment and care. The occupation has dramatically altered their lives, and many of them are divided from their families, services and livelihoods. The current crisis affects the highest proportion of elderly people in the world, more than 30 per cent.


We provide assistance for displaced people at both the individual and community level. We help them to integrate locally, return home, or move to another location. They face shortages in food, health services, basic household items and shelter and suffer from psychological distress after more than five years of conflict.

We fund construction work in the Odessa region to accommodate the internal refugees forced to flee the war zone.