We provide assistance to orphanages, schools or directly to victims of war in war-torn areas of Ukraine. Thousands of them have lost their fathers during the current turmoil; their families have been misplaced, their schools and kindergartens destroyed.

We run Sponsor a Ukrainian child program and put supporters in touch with individual families. Our supporters can sponsor a child and become Guardian angels for children in need. If you’d like to be involved please contact us at

“Thank you British-Ukrainian Aid for making such a positive change in my life. With your help I was able to receive rehabilitation treatment after laser surgery on my feet”

Tanya Sokolova suffers from cerebral palsy; she was displaced as a result of the occupation of the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine.

  • In 2019, 500,000 children in Ukraine’s conflict zone remain in need of assistance.
  • For five years of war in Donbas, over 240 Ukrainian children were killed, and 56 children went missing.
  • About 15,000 children are constantly in danger and fear of shelling.
  • Since the beginning of conflict, over 750 schools were damaged in Eastern Ukraine by Russian banned artillery systems and tanks.
  • Mines are a daily threat to the lives of children in Eastern Ukraine. More than 20 children were killed and over 40 were injured in 2018.