Helping with prosthetics on the road to recovery

One of our current projects is to raise funds to purchase spare parts necessary for the production of prosthetics.

Helping with prosthetics on the road to recovery

By established links with UK based companies, BUAid hopes to accelerate the production of the prosthetics at factories in Ukraine, which are urgently needed by those who have lost their limbs during the on-going conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

BUAid purchased and delivered a bionic prosthetic hand (bebionic3 prosthesis) to Orthotex-Service in Ukraine to facilitate rehabilitation of Ukrainians who were wounded in armed combat while protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country.

The training and diagnostic bionic hand was requested by Orthotex-Service, a clinic specialising in prosthetics in the West of Ukraine, in order to support medical assessment and accelerate rehabilitation of patients who are in need of prosthetic hands and arms as a result of a combat trauma.

Thanks to the new device, the clinic will have an opportunity to assess whether the patients would be able to benefit from a bionic prosthetic, in principle, and to help them to practise using bionic technology locally, close to their homes, without the need to travel abroad. This would significantly reduce the cost and the stress currently associated with this type of medical treatment in Ukraine.

The training bionic hand was developed by a UK company RSL Steeper Technology, which has over 90 years of experience in developing prosthetic and orthopaedic devices.

Segiy Tovstyk, an IT specialist and a father of a small child, who lost both arms in 2014 while defending his country in the East of Ukraine, is one of the first patients who benefited from the new bebionic 3 prosthesis from RSL Steeper Technology. Sergiy Tovstyk has now a bionic prosthetic hand, which was paid for by the Ukrainian state.

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