We provide assistance for internally displaced people (IDP) at both the individual and community level. We help them to integrate locally, return home, or move to another location. They face shortages in food, health services, basic household items and shelter and suffer from psychological distress after more than five years of conflict.

We fund construction work in the Odessa region to accommodate the internal refugees forced to flee the war zone.

“We are very grateful to British-Ukrainian Aid for sending us clothes and supporting us in such dispiriting times!”

Internally displaced families, front-line town of Artemivsk, Ukraine.

Currently there are up to 15,000 IDPs living in Artemivsk, and 3,340 of them are children. They had to leave their homes in the conflict zone, but could not afford to go further away than 30 km from the frontline.

  • As of January 2019, there have been registered over 1.6 mln IDPs, which is equal to the population of Vienna.
  • 228,049 of IDPs are children.